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Your Best Self Enemy: Comfort Zone

Mudassir Mustafa
Mudassir Mustafa
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Your Best Self Enemy: Comfort Zone

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I usually met two types of people: Over amibitious and 'I dont want to hustle because whatever I have that's enough for me.' I have seen a lot of people stuck in the same loop, either they are job hoping and nothing is satisfying them or worse they are still working in the same company for a shitty salary for more than a decade.

I recently met a senior developer, he's 40 now. We both worked in the same company some years ago, he is still there and I obviously left. I asked him hows life? I didnt know how hurt he was so the pendora box opened up and he started complaning about the job, about the managers (people who he hired some years ago), salary and what not. I asked him why dont you leave? I mean thats common sense. He lost me for a moment, didnt reply and then said 'I can't. I'm afraid if I leave this job no one will ever hire me again because I am still working on decades old technologies and provide maintenance to legacy code in this company.

I think I should help him out. This is what I shared with him.

You have developed a comfort zone. You got lazy and you enjoyed your time here but forgot about learning new things. You are so comfortable here that you would rather live an unhappy lifestyle than looking for a better job. The kids you hired years ago and now your bosses. The salary increment you got is less than 9% over the last 13 years if you look at the inflation and $ conversion rates. You hate taking risk, you have a fear of failure, and you have forgot to be happy.

You feel these too? This post is a banger for you then.

I'll share 4 benefits and 6 tips for getting out of your comfort zone.

Let's start with the benefits first.

  • Self actualisation - and fulfilling your potential
  • Development of the growth mindset
  • Risk taking mindset - Ability to live through hard time.
  • You wont be successful all the time but going through these situations will teach you a lot of lessons. and over the period of time these will add up

Tips for getting out of your comfort zone

  • Do different - everyday
  • Learn one thing new everyday - 37% improvement by the end of the year.
  • Change your lifestyle. Work out, eat cleaner whatever that you too scared to do, do it. If you are doing it already, change that workout program.
  • Idea dump - every morning whatever comes to your mind dump those ideas on a piece of paper. this could be a mooshot or anything. Even if its a rant. Then at some point clean out those ideas and rants to turn those into action items. Even if you dont find anything good just do it. I do it in Notion everyday.
  • Challenge the way you think and perceive things.
  • Reflecting with honesty - Dont loathe urself or get discourgaed by do self reflection. Where you were a few years ago and where you are now. how can you improve going foward. what lesson you learned and what successes youu have had. Do the things that made you successful.

I hope you are going to do better in your career and will go places. Good luck out there! And go do something you like.

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