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Let go of the vine

Letting go is not a want, its a necessity of business.

Mudassir Mustafa
Mudassir Mustafa
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Let go of the vine
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The habit of reading has proven to be more than helpful than I initially thought. The book that I am reading now is the book that I think every business owner, entrepreneur and leaders should read. I still dont know how it was so under the radar that I never heard of that before but here’s Ali Abdaal talking about it in his ‘Books to read in 2022.’ The book I am talking about is ‘Traction’ by Gino Wickman.

I picked this one up but I wanted to start with The Millionaire Fastlane (thanks for not finding the copy of that in the whole country and I was never going to read it on a screen). Nevertheless, Traction was looking like a very promising book. I’ll try to write my thoughts about it sometime soon I am done with it. That being said, from the very start, the first thing I took from this book is ‘Let go of the vine’ and I have more than my two cents to share.


Some years ago I heard the term ‘Emotional Baggage’ and I am not quite sure but when I read ‘let go of the vine’ I got reminded of that word. I think we are all dealing with emotional baggages, be it personal or professional but we are. That baggage gets heavier with the passage of time and if not cleaned up it sucks all the energy we have. As a human, we only have limited energy available to deal with the things. We can either spent that in dealing with our past or we can do something productive about it. I think thats the underlying lesson from both of these phrases.

At Izba, I wear product manager, project manager, leadership and operations manager hats everyday. This is a snapshot of Notion for my team and you can see the variety of things I have to deal with everyday. Its a blessing, mind you! I was drained out and was beaten. Anything that goes wrong I was having mental breakdowns and was in a panic mode. I think its safe to say my default action to everything was to panic. (thats when I started reading). Letting go of the vine actually means ‘Our willingness to let go of things that just aren’t a good use of our time.’ And believe me delegating tasks is a very, very hard thing to do. But, its a necessity not a wish. Theres a chapter in the same book called ‘Delegate and Elevate’ so I’ll cover that in a different post.

So thats what I do for a living. Interesting, ain't it?


If you are following me or this blog for a bit you will know I lead the technical program at Izba Consulting where we just launched our product called Capabl (give it a look if you to) and also work with Toptal as an Enterprise product and project management consultant. In both of these roles I get to talk to business owners and leaders. And in most cases, I think a lot about saying ‘You should let it go’ but I hardly do that directly. Maybe I should. Why do I think that? you must ask. In my relatively experienced career I think some people are pursuing an idea that's not new or irrelevant to market. Building a new social media app that will do just what Instragram does is not a great idea. I am not talking about financials here but just common sense. You will always end up playing catch ups and Instagram is too big for you to get close to. And why would anyone leave Instagram just to try ur product that's buggy and faulty - probably has a lot less to offer anyway. Its not Coke or Pepsi, nike or adidas, etc.

This is a line from Gino’s blog EOS.

Part of the problem is that we’ve all been told a terrible lie all our lives: “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself”. Not only is that not true, it is a recipe for a miserable life.

And it couldnt be more truer. So, where are my two cents?

I think the generic lesson that anyone can draw from it is ‘Let go of Things.’ And a lot of people have a hard time of letting go of the things. They are just too emotionally attached to them that its practically impossible for them to do so - thats just an excuse, or at least in most cases it is. As a business owner or someone in the leadership you have to build the trust and then you have to let go of the things that are not worthy of your time. Its your job to bring business, build network, grow the company, arrange the funds, etc. then you are probably be good letting your product development team do their job.

Another thing is to let go of your emotional baggage. I see a lot of kids these days are suffering from mental health. I'm not an expert on mental health and I have suffered from these weird issues as well but I still think that a lot of the time all you need is to let go of the things you cant control. And fortunately, your past is one of those. From product or project stand point, fixating on one thing becomes a huge pain when you have to pivot. And if you are in this weirdly stupid world of launching products you will pivot, a lot! Might as well accept it.

Thats the lesson that I have learned. If you like this sort of a content please subscribe. Its free and takes less than 1 minute to do it.

Peace out! ✌️

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