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About Mudassir

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Building teams and launching products could get daunting. My superpower is building both and getting things done.

I believe life is all but a story. I like storytelling. I am certain you like it too. So, we already have something in common. In 10 years of working in the oil & gas, news & media, and supply chain industry I have amassed a plethora of knowledge. I have launched products, built teams, and taught a few dozen students along the way (I'm very proud to say they are doing good life).

I run a youtube channel, write this blog, lead the product, and run a small consultancy business all while being a full-time parent to a gorgeous baby boy. I believe we have all the time but we have to be intentional about where to spend it. Not every idea is a great one and not every product will turn into a 7 figure conglomerate - but if you get good at prioritization, if you are intentional with your actions, if you build a good team, there is nothing stopping you from it.

I love meeting new people, I love launching products and I love bringing the best out of people. It's a privilege to do what I love and I am grateful for that, every day.

Building products and the team are daunting. My superpower is taming daunting tasks.