Minimalism: Practical or Impractical?


I was having a discussion the other day with my friend and it took a turn to Minimalism, he said it’s virtually impossible to be a minimalist. The reason he gave was that there is always a “standard” application of a theory to become “law”. Means, Minimalism will always vary from person to person, for example my minimalism is to have a normal two bed flat, a decent car, enough food supply and necessary furniture etc., on the other hand your minimalism could be 1 pent house instead of ten, 1 Ferrari instead of 20, 1 bike instead of 30, etc.

The point he made was quite heavy and by now you must have agreed with it if you have understood it. It’s true that minimalism will always vary from person to person but it doesn’t make it less minimalism in any way.

The point of being a minimalist is to stop purchasing things and never using them after a while and to have the things that fulfill your needs. For example, a sound system or a piano could be a “need” of a musician but if i buy something like that which i hardly play, i wasted my money and that’s the whole point of minimalism.

If something is your need, by all means go and purchase it and keep it using but if its for fun only to sit back in your drawing room idle for years to come, please reconsider.

That is the whole point of minimalism in my view. What do you think? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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