Make Every Word Count


There is always debate in online marketing community about writing either long or short content. Most people argue that the longer the content the better the rankings, at least this is Google’s behavior currently. So, i’ll try to discuss the reasons why long content ranks better but at the same time why you should write to the point content and it’s okay if your content is relatively shorter.

When you write long content, most of the times you use lots of fillers just to add word count. Ultimately you end up with unintentionally written long tail queries which your post is not about. So, the result is, YES you get more traffic BUT your bounce rate is increased.

Common search behavior is, you prefer a content that completely relates to your search query, be it a long tail or short tail. When you end up landing on a page that partly addresses the query you searched, you don’t like it and you hit “back” button. The result? damage to that websites reputation and rankings.

Google webmaster’s official guide to SEO is teaching from day one that the ultimate parameter of ranking is site’s usability and how good it engages its visitors.

This can be easily done with relatively short content as long as it serves the purpose and as long as its of top quality and well researched.

The proof is quotes. A quote is excellent example of serving the purpose and communicating the essence with minimum words efficiently.

The shortest way to success is replacing bad habits with good habits in all areas you want to succeed. (Ziglar)

I am onto replacing my bad habits with good ones.

Good Luck to you too!

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