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Hi this is Mudassir Mustafa, MBA in Marketing, 31, a full time employee in a multinational and a passionate writer and blogger with background in Marketing Research. This domain MudassirMustafa.Com was registered long ago when I started to learn Internet Marketing way back in 2009, from that time I’ve been consistently successfully procrastinating and waiting for the right time to write my first blog post. It’s almost December 2014 and this is my first post. In this whole time I dint sit idle, I kept reading a lot of material related to Internet Marketing and got my skills of writing, seo, online marketing strategies, website creation and affiliate marketing strengthened.

So what I am here to say is, from now on, I have decided to consistently post on my blog and come up with lots of different useful topics around expertise I’ve gained in last 14 years. This blog’s main topic will remain internet marketing and related things but I would also be posting about life and its complexities with a perspective of the world and a perspective of myself.

What you can expect from this blog is almost everything here will be something that either I have personally tested or I am sure to test. I have plans to make some useful video courses related to particularly Affiliate Marketing, Website Creation That Brings Money, Self Help and Outsourcing When Necessary.

The world of internet marketing was never so promising, we have lots of tools and platforms where we can go, learn and apply practically anything and earn money off course. The limitations have ended and so the excuses of not being successful with online marketing or earning full time or part time online.

The times have never been so good for the people who genuinely want to help people with their ideas, services or products. We should keep one thing in mind that people don’t want to be sold or marketed; instead people want to make conscious choices for what is good for them and what is not. The idea is to give people that feeling of being good with your idea, product or service.

My intention of finally kicking the first blog post is to take another step towards freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of doing whatever I want to do, freedom of choosing to do what I enjoy doing, freedom of choosing my own timing of work, freedom to be my own boss.

I will be writing another blog post about my online marketing journey soon, so stay tuned, keep reading and commenting on things I share here, because I promise, a lot of really good stuff is coming your way.

Mudassir Mustafa

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