Make Every Word Count


There is always debate in online marketing community about writing either long or short content. Most people argue that the longer the content the better the rankings, at least this is Google’s behavior currently. So, i’ll try to discuss the reasons why long content ranks better but at the same time why you should write to the point content and it’s okay if your content is relatively shorter.

When you write long content, most of the times you use lots of fillers just to add word count. Ultimately you end up with unintentionally written long tail queries which your post is not about. So, the result is, YES you get more traffic BUT your bounce rate is increased.

Common search behavior is, you prefer a content that completely relates to your search query, be it a long tail or short tail. When you end up landing on a page that partly addresses the query you searched, you don’t like it and you hit “back” button. The result? damage to that websites reputation and rankings.

Google webmaster’s official guide to SEO is teaching from day one that the ultimate parameter of ranking is site’s usability and how good it engages its visitors.

This can be easily done with relatively short content as long as it serves the purpose and as long as its of top quality and well researched.

The proof is quotes. A quote is excellent example of serving the purpose and communicating the essence with minimum words efficiently.

The shortest way to success is replacing bad habits with good habits in all areas you want to succeed. (Ziglar)

I am onto replacing my bad habits with good ones.

Good Luck to you too!

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The Money Is In The WHAT?


It took me about 8 years to understand this and as soon as it struck my mind like a revelation, I thought that I owe you all to write about it. I was having a business plan discussion with one of my friend who also happens to be my cousin he said: “One thing is obvious!”

I said: What?

He said: Man money is really in the list! You have to build a good list of subscribers if you want to survive in online marketing otherwise google is going to wipe you out one fine day with its penalties for no reason.

I said: I don’t understand why would google penalize you for doing nothing wrong? I mean you must have offended google’s emotions in some way or the other (though it doesn’t have emotions practically but yeah its algorithms have made it quite smart you know).

He said: You know, only good content doesn’t matter. You have to promote your content in a way google loves, otherwise, you know, you’ll be nowhere in search engine results.

I said: I don’t buy the idea of google being the only source of traffic, I mean it is I admit but you need to understand that google is not the ONLY source of good traffic.

He said: I’ll ask you once you will be penalized for no reason.

The conversation was over but I kinda bought his idea for a good amount of time.

Now back to the point I was trying to make and it may be a bold statement for a comparatively newbie of internet marketing but believe me “Money is not in the list!”.

It is a half-truth we have been continuously bombarded by all gurus of internet marketing. What is the other half then? you might ask. Well, I think you should write my next statement somewhere where you put your important things related to online marketing and that statement is:

There is no money in the list IF it is built to make money only.

That’s a complete equation which took me 8 years to figure out.

I recently had a privilege to listen an interview of Derek Sivers of CDBaby.Com taken by Ramit Sethi and  it was full of excellent information on how most of the businesses that took off were initially started as a passion to solve a problem which the founder had.

You know Derek Sivers was a musician who wanted to distribute his music to people but no one was interested in helping him with his distribution of albums unless he had signed a contract with Big Boys which was nearly impossible for Derek at that time.

What Derek did was, he started a website through which he started taking orders online and sending CDs to people who ordered. He solved a problem which was personally effecting Derek and he was quite pissed off with. So, once his fellow musicians saw how he has come over this obstacle, they requested him to sell their records on his website too, he said “Sure, why not?”

Then something strange happened, people started emailing and calling Derek and requesting him to put their titles too and that was the point when he decided to make it a business because it was becoming increasingly hard for him to cope up with so many requests.

He started in 1998 and sold it for $22 Million eventually in 2008 I guess. Why he sold it? well he states in the same interview that he made so robust and complete that he felt he had nothing to contribute and it felt for him like a painter who paints till the final stroke and then starts a new painting.

What made Derek money?

Three things I would say.

Passion of Music

Why? because if he had no passion, he never had the problem he had and eventually there would have been no CDBaby.Com.

Encountering an Extreme Pain

Well, getting people listen to their music is the ultimate dream of musicians and that was the biggest pain point for Derek when he couldn’t get his music to people and declined from everyone in the market.

Coming Up with A Solution NOT FOR MONEY but for HELPING

This is the biggest thing to understand, once you come up with a solution to genuinely help yourself or someone else money flows automatically.

So what have we learned today?

Money is in WHAT? 🙂

Money is in the list of people you have helped.

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P.S. This is true for almost every business which took off with a passion to solve a problem.

First Things First – Making Money Online – Basic Questions and Answers


This blog post is written with the intent to answer basic questions regarding internet marketing or making money online. So without wasting further time, lets quickly go to the questions and answers:

  1. Can you really earn online?

Ans: Yes you really can, there is no doubt about it regardless of your country of residence, your education (you need intelligence, it’s a must!) and anything else you can think of. Yes you can pretty much earn online no matter what your Excuses may be.

  1. What are the ways to earn online?

Ans: There are plenty of ways to earn online, it is basically dependent upon you, you first need to know what you can do best and even if you can’t do anything best you still have pretty good chances of earning online by outsourcing what you cannot do, all you need to have is a good idea for a hungry market that is ready to buy it.

Following are some of the ways you can earn online:

  1. Selling digital goods like software, mobile apps, e-books, etc.
  2. Blogging
  3. Providing services like virtual assistant, accountant, coach and whatever you can think of
  4. Selling physical goods over internet (e-commerce)
  5. Promoting other people’s products (including goods and services)
  6. Making authority sites (on a particular subject) or Alternatively Micro Niche Sites

3. Do you need a website to earn online?

Ans: You don’t NEED a website to make money online, but it definitely helps. For example if you want to sell your services or software or it may be your ebook or book then your own website really helps but if you simply want to provide services as a freelancer you don’t need one. All you need is having accounts on a few websites like Elance, Odesk, Guru and if you want to sell yourself cheap, you can go to Fiverr or Tenrr.

  1. Can you get rich quick? Like in days or so?

Ans: NOOOOO….A BIG NO! If this is what you think you can do, 99% of the time people won’t be able to hit a jackpot. Your chances of hitting a jackpot are directly proportional to your ability to take ACTION fast, if you can guarantee me quick action rather than planning, I assure you will be ahead of the game much quicker. I myself couldn’t write my first blog post from 2009 until almost December 2014, why? Because procrastination. Sometimes, when things felt so easy I hardly thought of doing them. So you might be thinking why I have started writing my blog posts now? Because I want to give back to the world from where I learnt all this and in this process I want to “End My Procrastination for Good!”

  1. What have I learned all these year which is helpful for you especially when you’re starting?

Ans: In all these years, what I have learned is, there are only three qualities you need to have if you want to achieve success at no matter what. These things are:

  1. Patience (not hurry)
  2. Action (not procrastination)
  3. Persistence (not leaving away what you started)

And that’s it!

Good Luck with Your Earning Online Journey 🙂

Mudassir Mustafa