Minimalism: Practical or Impractical?


I was having a discussion the other day with my friend and it took a turn to Minimalism, he said it’s virtually impossible to be a minimalist. The reason he gave was that there is always a “standard” application of a theory to become “law”. Means, Minimalism will always vary from person to person, for example my minimalism is to have a normal two bed flat, a decent car, enough food supply and necessary furniture etc., on the other hand your minimalism could be 1 pent house instead of ten, 1 Ferrari instead of 20, 1 bike instead of 30, etc.

The point he made was quite heavy and by now you must have agreed with it if you have understood it. It’s true that minimalism will always vary from person to person but it doesn’t make it less minimalism in any way.

The point of being a minimalist is to stop purchasing things and never using them after a while and to have the things that fulfill your needs. For example, a sound system or a piano could be a “need” of a musician but if i buy something like that which i hardly play, i wasted my money and that’s the whole point of minimalism.

If something is your need, by all means go and purchase it and keep it using but if its for fun only to sit back in your drawing room idle for years to come, please reconsider.

That is the whole point of minimalism in my view. What do you think? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Good Habits You Can Form Before Sleeping


Following are some really good habits you can form easily if you do it every time before sleeping and in no time you’ll have a positive impact on your mood, your confidence and will power.

  1. Give Yourself A Gift of 10 Minutes Meditation, Every Night Right Before Sleeping.
  2. Have 5 Minutes to Line Up Your Morning Work.
  3. Brush Your Teeth.
  4. Read A Good Article on Something You Are Passionate About.
  5. Count Your Blessings, Forgive Everyone Who Ever Hurt You and Ask God for Forgiveness.

Try them and see the results.

Do you have some habits which you do before sleeping? I’d love to have your comments.

Ultimate Guide to End Overwhelm


This is not just a catchy headline or click bait, it is seriously the Ultimate Guide to End Overwhelm.

You all make plans and you all set goals, you and I know because we all are good at making plans and setting goals but most of our goals remain goals forever, at least for most of us. The people who are ahead in life are executors of their goals.

Why you may think seems so easy for few ones to execute on their goals and ideas while lots of us have to struggle, A LOT!

The answer is simple, they execute their ideas and reach their goals by overthrowing their overwhelm and nipping that evil in the bud. So, different people may use different ways to end overwhelm but you will learn something really easy to understand and execute to end overwhelm for sure and it will go long way till you’ll have a habit of doing things that way.

So you have a goal, now what?

Break it! Well, break your goals into milestones. For example, you may have a goal to publish a book or whatever, break that goal into milestones like generating ideas on what to write, then research on that subject, then writing outline of the book chapters, then actually writing those chapters and finally editing and proofreading that book.

Now your milestones may themselves be a small task or they may have small tasks in them like generating ideas on which subject to write a book is itself a small task but writing chapters may not because it will consume more time. So what will you do with it? you will break that  milestone further into small actionable items, like a chapter needs to be written by its outline, research, writing and proof reading.

Now the real thing!

Once you have written all your actionable tasks, make their list by ascending order and write the days each task will take right after each task. This will give you the idea of overall project completion time and on a small action basis.

Now there are two ways you can approach this:

The Digital Way

Call someone you trust will help you with it, it could be your spouse, your partner, your friend or your teacher. Tell them that you are emailing them a spreadsheet and brief them about your project. Request them to send you each task on email with its deadline mentioned and that they may call you once a day is left to complete that task. Ask them to never email you more than one task, this is very important and what more important than this is, DELETE THAT SPREADSHEET FROM ANY SOURCE YOU MAY ACCESS IT.

The Non-Digital Way

Count how many actionable tasks you have, get equivalent envelopes write each task on a post it note type of paper and put it in the envelope writing Task 1, Task 2, Task 3 etc. on the top of envelop. Now get a partner, spouse, teacher, friend or whoever you like, explain it to him and give all the envelops to him and tell him to give it to you one by one.

When taking each envelope, open it in front of that partner, tell them what task is that and tell what its deadline is and they may set a reminder in their cell phones to call you if you haven’t done it a day before the task deadline.

That’s it! 🙂

While there are lots of psychological factors working here to end your overwhelm, I want you to give it a shot with total faith and you can’t imagine the power of faith. You are going to love it if you hate getting overwhelmed and really want to accomplish something.

I would love to read what other techniques you use to end overwhelm? please comment below.

P.S. I am going to write a post on habit formation and going to share the habit calendar I made myself, which is helping me a lot with so many things. So, stay tuned!

The Money Is In The WHAT?


It took me about 8 years to understand this and as soon as it struck my mind like a revelation, I thought that I owe you all to write about it. I was having a business plan discussion with one of my friend who also happens to be my cousin he said: “One thing is obvious!”

I said: What?

He said: Man money is really in the list! You have to build a good list of subscribers if you want to survive in online marketing otherwise google is going to wipe you out one fine day with its penalties for no reason.

I said: I don’t understand why would google penalize you for doing nothing wrong? I mean you must have offended google’s emotions in some way or the other (though it doesn’t have emotions practically but yeah its algorithms have made it quite smart you know).

He said: You know, only good content doesn’t matter. You have to promote your content in a way google loves, otherwise, you know, you’ll be nowhere in search engine results.

I said: I don’t buy the idea of google being the only source of traffic, I mean it is I admit but you need to understand that google is not the ONLY source of good traffic.

He said: I’ll ask you once you will be penalized for no reason.

The conversation was over but I kinda bought his idea for a good amount of time.

Now back to the point I was trying to make and it may be a bold statement for a comparatively newbie of internet marketing but believe me “Money is not in the list!”.

It is a half-truth we have been continuously bombarded by all gurus of internet marketing. What is the other half then? you might ask. Well, I think you should write my next statement somewhere where you put your important things related to online marketing and that statement is:

There is no money in the list IF it is built to make money only.

That’s a complete equation which took me 8 years to figure out.

I recently had a privilege to listen an interview of Derek Sivers of CDBaby.Com taken by Ramit Sethi and  it was full of excellent information on how most of the businesses that took off were initially started as a passion to solve a problem which the founder had.

You know Derek Sivers was a musician who wanted to distribute his music to people but no one was interested in helping him with his distribution of albums unless he had signed a contract with Big Boys which was nearly impossible for Derek at that time.

What Derek did was, he started a website through which he started taking orders online and sending CDs to people who ordered. He solved a problem which was personally effecting Derek and he was quite pissed off with. So, once his fellow musicians saw how he has come over this obstacle, they requested him to sell their records on his website too, he said “Sure, why not?”

Then something strange happened, people started emailing and calling Derek and requesting him to put their titles too and that was the point when he decided to make it a business because it was becoming increasingly hard for him to cope up with so many requests.

He started in 1998 and sold it for $22 Million eventually in 2008 I guess. Why he sold it? well he states in the same interview that he made so robust and complete that he felt he had nothing to contribute and it felt for him like a painter who paints till the final stroke and then starts a new painting.

What made Derek money?

Three things I would say.

Passion of Music

Why? because if he had no passion, he never had the problem he had and eventually there would have been no CDBaby.Com.

Encountering an Extreme Pain

Well, getting people listen to their music is the ultimate dream of musicians and that was the biggest pain point for Derek when he couldn’t get his music to people and declined from everyone in the market.

Coming Up with A Solution NOT FOR MONEY but for HELPING

This is the biggest thing to understand, once you come up with a solution to genuinely help yourself or someone else money flows automatically.

So what have we learned today?

Money is in WHAT? 🙂

Money is in the list of people you have helped.

What do you guys think? Please leave a comment.

P.S. This is true for almost every business which took off with a passion to solve a problem.

A Basic Question to Ask Yourself Before Trying to Earn More Money


I am a great fan of financial freedom personally and especially in these economic conditions globally it is a must to have your finances right. Who doesn’t like some extra money every month? Everyone of us does but I would like to through a question here, and this question has come to my mind after a recent Ted Talk about a lifelong research conducted at Harvard and it is still going on.

The researchers wanted to know the reason why some people at their later ages seem to be more happy, healthy and wealthy? and on the contrary why some people die early with poor finances, bad health and disturbed lives.

This research is incredible in terms of its coverage, time and continuity. Why? because it almost covered four generations and studied them every year with what is going on in their lives to come up with the answer of the question that what makes people live longer, healthy and wealthy?

The answer is so simple you won’t ever think is the answer. It is a one word and that word is “Relationships”.

Yes, Relationships my friends. This research concluded that people who were good with their relationships with other people and their community, tend to be healthy, wealthy and live longer than the people with bad relationships.

So what is this research telling us? Well there are couple of things:

  1. Your current financial status doesn’t guarantee that you will end up financially secure, healthy, happy and live longer.
  2. The best thing you can do to yourself is get out of poisonous relationships, this is the biggest service you can do to yourself, believe me its not necessary to keep going on a train that you know is not getting you to your destination. Change it!
  3. To live a long, happy, healthy life you really don’t need a bunch of money bags, its the people around you who get you through life and how you interact with them.

Here is that Ted Talk:

So what is my point here? Well all I wanted to say that before hustling for money and draining all your energy for it, please ask yourself what is really important in your life? Take care if you are missing out something big in life when you are busy thinking about or making more money because money is a tool that is essential for your needs but relationships are the tools essential for a long, happy and healthy life and more wealthy too.

Tell me what you think? I would love to add a constructive dialogue to this post.

P.S. I will be writing often now, no seriously I promise 🙂